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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Mar 24, 2021

Sarah Fox is a writer and CEO of The Bookish Fox, a book coaching and editing agency. She has helped hundreds of people write and polish their books so they can finally get them in readers' hands. Her writing blog has won the Positive Writer’s The Best Writing Blogs for Writers Award TWO years in a row, and she's made Kindlepreneur’s list of best editors. She believes that books change lives and the world.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • How Sarah grew her editorial agency while also writing her books,
  • Every step of the book writing process (+ behind-the-scenes of mine),
  • Common pitfalls when you get into writing and how to manage them,
  • Things to consider when you’re writing fiction OR non-fiction, plus more!

Creatives Making Money is here to help you level up in your life, finances, love, and health.

This is the therapy session you didn’t have to pay for.

Create like you mean it,


Resources from this episode: