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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Oct 17, 2018

I simply adore Allison Braun and everything she puts out in the world. Her work has truly changed my life, and it’s 100% one of those things that you could easily think to yourself “OH, I don’t really need that” -- but trust me, YA DO.


Now if you’re not yet convinced from our magical interview, take my trusty word for it.

YA WANNA FOLLOW HER, Y’ALL. Gobble up her free content. Invest in her programs. You won’t regret it.

Now, here’s a fun recap of our convo in case you want to review the highlight reel and some items we mentioned!


  1. Having a pretty blue safe was something that taught Allison to keep and have fun with her money at just 6-years-old. For you parents in the audience, this might be a great way to teach your kids to take care of and value their money!
  2. Remember, if you feel like you were never included in the conversation about money, or like it’s a taboo topic to cover with people in your life -- it’s up to YOU to take that initiative and break the mold. As Allison said, “No one will approach you and ask you to participate…” You’ve gotta take that initiative yourself.
  3. Allison mentioned being a “Projector” according to Human Design. Wanna learn more about Human Design? You can get a chart and report at!
  4. When you’re working on your relationship with money, and making it less serious and more fun, literally ask yourself “What would make this more fun?” As money is one of the biggest causes of STRESS, we want to create more joy and ease around the subject so that you stress less and feel better (plus it’s good for your health!).
  5. What IS the LIVING RICHLY FRAMEWORK? It’s a process that walks you through looking at where you’re fully expressing yourself in your life (or not), researching and redefining what success means to you, creating a new identity that you can integrate and inhabit around what you discover, and remembering to fully receive and appreciate all you already have.
  6. Jotting down 10 things you’re grateful for every day is WONDERFUL, but it’s way better when you’re also giving yourself the space and breathing room to truly FEEL IT.
  7. If you’re feeling BROKE AF, here’s what to do: 1. Remember you’re not alone. 2. Look at where you are already RICH. 3. Make a list of the things that make you feel rich, and find a way to do the items that you have easy, available access to! Not all the things that make you feel rich actually cost money. :)Some of my favorite BIG takeaways…


We’re always creating identities for ourselves as we’re doing life in the world. It’s important to stay conscious of what identities we’re creating so we make sure they’re expanding our sense of self instead of limiting it.


Being creative is about MORE than being an artist, just like living richly is about more than what’s in your bank account.


Ease is undervalued in our society because we tend to glorify “hard work” and being BUSY. So it takes some extra work to really allow ourselves to do things the easy way.


YAY! And here’s where to soak up all that Allison Braun Goodness!

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Instagram: @allisonbraun