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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Aug 4, 2021

I don't know who teaches that the best way to get clients is to send tons of cold pitch emails or DMS, but like... whyyyy tho? 😂

Sales is about relationships, and you are not developing a positive relationship with a cold pitch of any kind, whether it's an email, a DM, or a carrier pigeon into some stranger’s house, okay?

Think about the energy expenditure of sending 100 cold pitches to get maybe 1 response. That would be an average “conversion rate.” That sounds demoralizing and a terrible ROI in terms of energy out to energy in. 

If you’re committed to cold pitches even if they’re not working for your sales, maybe it’s because you’d prefer to hide and don’t actually want to talk to anyone or close any new sales... 

But if you DO want conversations, sales, to see your effort turn into new, let’s choose another strategy.

This your new mantra:

You do not need leads.
What you need is friends.

You need REAL relationships that are built on mutual benefit, kindness, support, love, and care.

Focus on expanding your network, one awesome human at a time, and marketing will start to feel easier. 

Referral business will gradually begin to flood in.

And you won’t have to “push” or force any of it.

So if you do decide to send a “cold” email or DM -- don’t pitch!

Let it be about the relationship, and focus on making a new friend instead.

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Create like you mean it,