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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Nov 28, 2018

If you want straight-shooting answers about your business messaging, packaging, or pricing look no further than Rebecca Tracey.


As the head (and only) honcho at the Uncaged Life, Becca has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs (including ME) launch their business on the right foot. She has an extra special skill for cutting through the B.S. and getting straight to the answers and this episode was no different!

Becca shared tons of awesome tips and tricks, like…


  • Her “GUT pricing method,” which you can learn all about in her Pricing Guide here


  • When it’s the right time to raise your prices (also known as: when it feels right)


  • How she started charging for her work in the “early days” of her biz (when she was living out of a van with her ex-boyfriend and traveling and climbing all across the U.S.)


  • Why it’s important to recognize what your money shit is and HOW to move through it -- do you need validation? a push? to face some limiting beliefs?


We also jammed on why it’s a great idea to spend the $30 you need for a software to make business easier for you (simple ROI) and why having an “easy” attitude towards money makes the process of receiving cash into your business and life WAY smoother.


And, if you’re accepting Becca’s challenge of coming up with 50 ways you could make money in the next week, SHARE!


We always love to continue these convos in the Creatives Making Money group too.


Don’t forget to download Becca’s pricing guide and join her group to share those ideas here too:


Create like you mean it,