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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Oct 3, 2018

Suzanne Paulinski (aka The Rock/Star Advocate) helps musicians take charge of their careers to create the life they really want with both mindset and practical support. And she is brilliant.


Some of my favorite highlights from this week…

  1. Workaholism. It’s a thing! As two New Yorkers, we jammed on the culture of living in the “city that never sleeps” and how easy it is to get sucked into a habit of work, work, work, work, work, work. (And not enough sleep.) So many artists take on this “do or die” attitude of proving how much they want something by working their asses off -- which can be great -- and it can also be counterproductive and wildly unhealthy. Suz herself had to get Lyme disease to force her hand on slowing down and implementing more mindful strategies to her own entrepreneurship and life. I highly recommend checking out Suz’ book The Rock/Star Life Planner for help creating sustainable balance in your schedule.
  2. Music-preneurship. This is Suz’ word for her clients, and it’s part of her mission to really empower musicians to make strong business decisions as the “CEO” of their career and life! I can’t wait for her next book on this topic. If you’re a musician, musical artist, or music-preneur, you should totally go listen and subscribe to Suz’ podcast The Music-preneur Podcast right here
  3. Success is not a straight line. Suz had a few businesses that failed miserably before she landed on this one. And this was the FIRST year in her business that she paid herself a real salary!
  4. “I’m not in it for the money.” = a common thing that artists and “lovers” of music, film, and television will claim about their devotion to the craft. But let’s be real, we need money to survive and to create so let’s all stop pretending that we need to be “in it” for the money in order to earn good money by using our gifts.
  5. “There’s more where that came from.” Continuing to crack that scarcity mindset and the belief that money is FINITE instead UNLIMITED is hugely important as an artist and entrepreneur.


You absolutely CAN care about arts & entertainment AND money and strike the balance in your life that feels good. It might not happen tomorrow. It might not happen right away, but it will happen.


Until then, keep listening and follow Suz for more golden nuggets. :)

Create like you mean it,