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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Dec 5, 2018

This week, I had the great pleasure of chatting with Meghan Hartman of Crafting Creative.


I’m extra excited to share this interview with you because Meghan is not only an incredible website designer who teaches other entrepreneurs to create websites that really STAND OUT, she’s also got a full-time day job.

This is an important conversation because I think that not all businesses or creatives need to operate the same way. It’s perfectly OKAY to have a day job and take your time building your ‘side hustle,’ and it’s perfectly OKAY to keep a day job and use your ‘side hustle’ to make even more money.


This is all about finding the creative and financial fulfillment that works for YOU.


Meghan and I jammed about…

  • How she created 10 websites in 10 days and landed a full-time web design job with no previous experience (true story)


  • Why she, a math and science nerd, decided to enroll in NYU’s film school


  • The “3 years” rule of online business success


  • A concept called “Polymath,” where you master multiple crafts instead of just ONE




If you LOVED today’s episode, you’ll love checking out Meghan’s course ELEVATE and following her design journey at


She’s @meghancreative on Instagram, or you can stalk her on Facebook at