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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Jan 23, 2019

This week I had the honor of sitting down with Joana Galvao, the co-founder of Gif Design Studios, an award-winning design agency specialized in brand identities and conversion-obsessed design. Based in Porto, Portugal, with a team of 10 designers and developers, Gif Design Studios offers the full range of print and digital design services to industry leaders in seventeen countries on five continents.

I always allow these podcast interviews to flow naturally, and this conversation flowed straight to a topic that Joana knows very well -- creativity. This episode is packed with insights on harnessing your creativity and applying it to every aspect of your life and business.

Some of my favorite takeaways include...

  • How several moments in high school helped to shape Joana's career path, including her discovery of graphic design and the true meaning of creativity. 
  • Joana's secret to boosting creativity and not waiting for inspiration to strike before you do the work.
  • Her tips for putting her teams into "idea generation mode", and the different techniques she uses for managing her team.
  • How Joana uses humor and her love of acting to handle running a business with her partner.

Check out Joana's guide on how to create websites that position you in the top 1% of your business at

You can find her on Instagram at @joanagalvaodesign or on her website at

Create like you mean it,