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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Sep 18, 2018

This episode is especially close to my heart because Nechelle is one of the most relatable and intelligent women I know.


Her story of pushing herself forward in life financially and professionally as a single mom is nothing short of amazing, and there are hundreds of thousands of women doing it every day. WOMEN ARE AMAZING. :)

We also got to touch on differing money mindsets based on not just generation but also culture, which I find fascinating.

Some incredible things we covered…


  • Nechelle was up to $150K in debt and paid it all off.


  • She managed to work TWO jobs and go back to school and raise a son as a single mom. BASICALLY SHE IS MY HERO.


  • How we live in a “throwaway society” (love that term) where we’re so abundant with consumer products and trading quality for cost that it’s often more expensive to buy new things than it is to fix our existing things. CRAY.


  • Buying decisions -- like when do we decide to just go with the slightly cheaper option?


  • What women really need to understand about their finances, like how to:


    • Save up for major investments
    • Manage their cash-flow
    • Strategize for the long-term and their big picture (a.k.a. The VISION Board)
    • Quantify their dreams and desires in numbers on paper
  • How focusing too much on PASSION and not enough on BUSINESS can result in creating an entity that is financially inconsistent.


  • How love solves all problems, but you still have to quantify your cash-flow needs. ;)


  • Why going to the bank as a ritual with her father taught Nechelle to treasure money and truly respect it and take care of it.


Remember, your first step in any financial plan should always be your vision.


In the meantime you can always check out Nechelle’s REVENUE calculator here:


And make sure to stalk her for more brilliance on Instagram: @moneybasics