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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Jul 15, 2020

My guest today is Morgan Gist MacDonald, the founder and CEO of Paper Raven Books. Morgan helps authors write, publish and market their books for tremendous success across fiction and non-fiction markets.

Beginning her career in academia as a sociologist, Morgan soon found the entrepreneurial pull to take her skills as a researcher, writer, teacher, and leader into building a publishing company, from the ground up. With more than 10 years’ experience in writing, editing, and publishing books, Morgan leads the Paper Raven Books team in developing the best practices for publishing successfully in the modern, digital age.

Listen to our interview to learn…

  • How Morgan has transformed her business multiple times while managing a team and growing family
  • The biggest mistakes first-time authors make when writing their first book
  • Morgan’s take on self-publishing versus traditional publishing, and how to determine which is the best route for you.

If you've been wanting to write your first book (and actually finish it), you won't want to miss the free masterclass Morgan and I will be hosting on July 23 at 10am PDT. Morgan will walk you through the most common mistakes writers make, plus, an incredible case study of exactly HOW a first-time author wrote her first draft (49,952 words) in just NINE weeks. (And, it's now an award-winning book!) Save your spot at

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