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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Jul 8, 2020

We're starting off this episode with a disclaimer:

I’m not a therapist, clinical grief expert, or psychologist.

But as you heard in Episode 28, I've experienced significant lose. And by using my tools as a coach and certified Reiki healer, I've crafted an intuitive, non-scientific way of processing energy and emotions.  

Over the next two episodes, I'm sharing my six-step methodology for processing grief. And with each episode, I'm sharing tips and journal prompts to help you dive deep into this process. 

In this episode we've covering…

  • The emotional energetics of unprocessed grief

  • How to look at grief as an evolving process

  • The first three steps of my 6-step methodology for processing grief

Creatives Making Money is here to help you level up in your life, finances, love, and health.

This is the therapy session you didn’t have to pay for.

Create like you mean it,


Resources from this episode: