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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Aug 19, 2020

This week I sat down with master coach and strategist Kristine Oller. Kristine guides clients through ground-breaking chapters of personal and professional growth… the big decisions, the tough conversations, and the significant shifts. Every month for twenty consecutive years she has led multiple mastermind groups, helping hundreds of multi-hyphenate creatives expand their careers and develop supplemental streams of income to fund their artistic pursuits. Author of the book Feeding Your Focus and host of the podcast Creating Cashflow, she is also a Golden Circle Member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. The three words that delight her the most are: “before and after.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The mindset stuff that comes up for creative types around business and money
  • The courage to follow those nudges in life and let things unfold
  • How stories can hold you back or propel you forward towards your wildest dreams and whatever is meant for you
  • Why we need to continue to remember the power of “luck...”

Connect with Kristine on her website at to find more information about her workshop Creating Cash When Time Are Tough and her course Creating Cashflow.

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Resources from this episode: