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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Oct 10, 2018

Chatting with the incredible Michelle Bobrow of The Holistic Wallet on all things personal finance and money management.

Michelle is a true personal finance expert, and she’s exceptionally skilled at helping us creative types carve our own money path with unique budgeting, debt repayment, and income management. She offers DIY programs through her Holistic Wealth School [add aff link here] and coaches creatively-minded women on mastering great financial habits.


Her mission -- to help creative women fund the lives they want without that nagging budget getting in the way!


We touch on some incredible topics around money mindset and management, like…


  • How to tell if you’re “financially well” or financially sick (uh oh!)


  • Her fave ways to pay off debt without going nuts


  • How to think about debt so you don’t feel like it’s crushing you and your soul


  • The various money styles we all have, and how to get clear on yours before making big financial decisions


  • Why Michelle left the security of corporate finance to pursue her own thing


Plus, we also cover some fun things like…


  • WTF is a “J-pipe?”


  • How many financial terms sound like an ancient language (does.not.compute.)


  • Why Michelle “got promoted because she was bored” < I shit you not, those words were spoken


  • Making sure you create a give-back strategy that’s aligned with your goals and interests


If you haven’t listened yet, tune in here [link here] and if you love Michelle as much as I do, make sure you give her a follow and check out her incredible programs below --


Learn more about Michelle at


Check out Holistic Wealth School here [insert aff link here for Holistic Wealth School].


Follow Michelle on Instagram or Twitter @holisticwallet or on Facebook right here.


Create like you mean it,