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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Sep 18, 2018

Hello and welcome to Creatives Making Money.

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to listen today.

If you’re here, you’re obviously creative. Whatever that means for you. Artist, healer, entrepreneur, innovator, engineer, inventor, idea-machine… etc.

You’re maybe making money.

And chances are, you want a little bit more of BOTH.

I hear from entrepreneurs all the time about how they want MORE revenue in their business, to climb to the ‘next level,’ to get out of the constant ‘feast and famine’ mode.

But what I hear almost entirely just as frequently is -- I JUST WISH I HAD MORE SPACE/TIME to CREATE.

If I had a dollar for every single business badass I knew who was like, “ugh if I just had an extra day in the week, or a month off each year, or (insert length of free time here), I’d have written my book/screenplay/video series -- started my YouTube channel -- painted more often -- started crochet’ing --- etc. etc. etc.”

AND, if you did have that quote unquote free time, my question is… would you?


It was nearly two years ago, on my way home from a kick-ass live event -- mid-flight -- that I had the clear and obvious “calling” to create this podcast.

But there were costs involved, not the least of which was TIME, so you can bet your ass I didn’t land on the ground and decide O M G yassss, this was the year/time/opportunity to start right now.

In fact, it took a good year for me to even commit to doing this podcast, and another year to make it actually happen.


Because creating requires resources. And where I was in my life and business then wouldn’t have made it possible for me to start and commit to consistent content creation.

So I waited and worked and waited and worked.

But could I have started this podcast sooner?

Sure. It would have required other items on my agenda to hit the backburner.

But now, here we are and it’s all happening.

The point is this -- if you want something badly enough, you’ll do it -- no matter what resource constraints “seem” to be in the way. 


My hope is that this podcast sparks the conversation in your mind for you on what YOU need to step up and create.

Those who know me well know that I am a story junkie.

I believe that it is only through hearing stories of other inspired and inspiring individuals who are on a mission to express all of their brilliance, gifts, and ideas before they kiss this planet and lifetime goodbye that you can remember your own power.

That ultimately YOU can create anything.

You simply have to create like you mean it.

So I hope you stick around for these 100 conversations.

It’s bound to be a wild ride.