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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Nov 21, 2018

This week, I was thrilled to interview my good friend, former filmmaking partner, and incredible embodiment coach Nadia Munla.


We went IN on how your relationship with your body really impacts your ability to flow creatively, access your intuition, and feel charged up and ready to create like you mean it.


And, it’s tough to get us together and NOT talk about SEX. (Listen, the film we worked on together WAS, after all, a raunchy romantic comedy -- which you can also watch in iTunes here or Amazon here.) So we covered a lot -- from sexuality to sexual trauma -- and what that even has to do with your creative and financial flow. (Hint: It’s a lot!)


Nadia typically works with women on the three core messages they receive from society regarding their feminine body that isn’t serving them.


  1. “Our erotic is dangerous.”
  2. “Play is unproductive.”
  3. “Emotionality is weak.”


I love that we touched on all of this because these three things: sexual energy, playfulness and pleasure, and emotionality are ALL aspects of your creative process -- so learning HOW to be with these parts of yourself without judgment or shame is a huge step towards more creative and financial fulfillment.


We also talked about how the seat of your Sacral Chakra (the womb space on women) is a center of creativity as well as work, so it’s imperative that YOU find balance with your life-force energy and it’s not contracted or “stuck” in any particular area.


Yes, this is quite the woo-woo (but also science-y and pragmatic) episode.


Here are some of my other favorite parts:

  • Nadia’s 4 Pillars of Embodiment, which all begin with feeling SAFE in your body and learning how to self-regulate your sense of safety.


  • How PAIN in the body is a sign that something is off or wrong -- not a signal to numb, push, or self-punish. Instead, it’s an opportunity for deep healing and growth.


  • Why becoming a MASTER of your own nervous system by developing a personalized set of tools for your body is critical to ecstatic embodiment.


  • The various ways of getting into your body and managing negative energy like “shaking it off” or touching yourself -- and how actions and tools like these are super important to your sense of feeling safe in your body and allowing for optimal creative flow.


  • For women -- how learning how to “cycle sync” and arrange your schedule and expectations of yourself according to your monthly flow week by week can be a window into super powers you never knew you had!


Plus SO much more. I really adored this episode and hope that you did too!

And, when you’re ready to start connecting with your body in a powerful new way, you can always check out Nadia’s Embody Dance Class at or learn new ways of working with her at


She also suggested following her on Instagram to get even more of the wisdom and advice she shared on today’s episode!

Remember, that you can “use your body as a compass for creativity” and Nadia’s tips from today’s episode are a great start.


Create like you mean it,