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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Sep 2, 2020

Today on the podcast we have actor-entrepreneur Ajarae Coleman. Ajarae is a working actress with dozens of network TV, film and commercial credits, including NCIS: NEW ORLEANS, I’M SORRY, SCANDAL, and 2 BROKE GIRLS to name a few. Ajarae founded in 2012 to give actors practical steps to book more work, and take ownership of their careers. In September 2020, she is launching a brand new membership called The Table. The Table is for actors who crave an artistic life that goes beyond just booking gigs. They are ready to make a greater impact, which looks like building communities of collaborators, creating their own opportunities, and developing residual income streams. Ajarae believes that actors can play a huge role in bringing forth a reality where every being on the planet is safe and valued; this membership empowers actors to claim their seat at the table.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • What inspired Ajarae to create a resource database for actors looking to book more work
  • How Ajarae prioritizes stillness + creativity in her schedule
  • The creative exercise that helped her break through her blocks around receiving

Connect with Ajarae on her website at and on Instagram at

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