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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Aug 5, 2020

Alica Forneret is a grief guide, writer, and facilitator who creates space for people to learn about grief. She began working in the grief space after her mom died in 2016, but had been a writer for over ten years before that. Today she's pursuing her passion as a writer with a focus on grief, death, and how we can support each other through challenging times.

Listen to this episode to learn…

  • How Alicia transitioned from covering casseroles and crawfish boils to grief
  • What it means to be death-positive, and the concept of celebrating life and death
  • The importance of amplifying diverse voices in the death-care community
  • Tips for handling grief at work, either for yourself or your co-workers

Connect with Alica on her website at to find more information about Grief At Work, and additional resources on processing grief. 

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