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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Jan 27, 2021

Tarzan Kay is a launch strategist and copywriter who teaches women (and a few good men) how to sell bigger, so they can serve bigger.

Tarzan is a master of email marketing and former copywriter-for-hire who specializes in fun-to-read, more-addictive-than-Game-of-Thrones email copy. She also helps freelancers attract...

Jan 20, 2021

On today's episode, I'm exploring the question "Can you 'do good' in the world as a sales copywriter?"

If you’re a copywriter looking to break the 6 figure mark this year, applications for my program Create Your 6-Figure Copywriting Business are now open. This 6 month accelerator will teach you the core foundations of...

Jan 6, 2021

This week we're talking about confidence - what it actually is, where it comes from and how to create it yourself.

If you're someone who wants to make more money, be known for your expertise, add more value with your work and also have that show up in your bank account, then this episode is for you!