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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Nov 28, 2018

If you want straight-shooting answers about your business messaging, packaging, or pricing look no further than Rebecca Tracey.


As the head (and only) honcho at the Uncaged Life, Becca has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs (including ME) launch their business on the right foot. She has an extra special skill for...

Nov 21, 2018

This week, I was thrilled to interview my good friend, former filmmaking partner, and incredible embodiment coach Nadia Munla.


We went IN on how your relationship with your body really impacts your ability to flow creatively, access your intuition, and feel charged up and ready to create like you mean it.



Nov 14, 2018

What an excellent episode with Kate Anthony.

If you don’t know Kate, let me tell you a little bit about her --


  1. She’s a badass, certified life coach who helps women decide if they should stay in or leave their marriages.


  1. Kate especially empowers women to find their strength, passion, and confidence and helps...

Nov 7, 2018

“Know thyself.” - Socrates


“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” - Lao Tzu


“To thine own self, be true.” - Shakespeare

To really dig deep and know yourself is a timeless, classic, and necessary piece of advice.

So why the EFF do we find that so hard? Why do we run around...