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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Jan 2, 2019


This week, Erin Lindstrom and I teamed up AGAIN to bring you our best practices for mapping out (and getting) what you MOST want from your year.

Some of my favorite takeaways: 

  • Getting clear on your expansive vision instead of focusing solely on the “how”
  • BEST questions to ask yourself to “debrief” your year
  • Why starting with a GRATITUDE list is the best way to begin this exercise
  • How to get clear on your “new needs” for the new year
  • The importance of SHARING in a group and a safe space
  • Picking a WORD for the year
  • Making a LIST of things you’re inviting in

My favorite question to ask in review is always “What surprised you?”

We talked all about the PLANNERS and what we use (and don’t).

Apparently we’re both in a BLANK JOURNAL phase right now.

Annnd… The Desire Map came up again! (You can check it out here:

As did this awesome book Life Letters that my beautiful friend Alyshia wrote.

Some GOOD questions to think about:

  • How do you want to feel this year?
  • What’s your word for the year?
  • What are you creating in 2019?

Share in the Creatives Making Money group if you’re feeling BRAVE today!

Finally, we’d love to meet you IRL if you’re a female creative or entrepreneur near the Los Angeles area (or keen to travel) as Erin is hosting a Shiny Bitches event (details here: with ME.

It’s only $197 for the WHOLE day and will be a magical way to start creating your BEST 2019 yet.

Create like you mean it,