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Creatives Making Money with Jamie Jensen

Dec 12, 2018

Today, we’re talking about the COST of pursuing your calling -- whether it’s the pursuit of knowledge and mastery over an academic subject OR creative or artistic mastery.

Dr. Lindsay Padilla and I go INNNN on the pressure of student debt.

This week on the podcast, I met with my dear friend Dr. Lindsay Padilla to talk about something that both academics and creatives (and, like, 71% of Americans) can relate to: STUDENT LOAN DEBT. *insert crazy sound effect here*

Lindsay and I jammed hard on what’s SO screwed up about the academic system in the first place, including…

  • The heartbreaking reality of being told “WHY study that? There’s NO money in it…”
  • How education struggles to keep up with technology (aka “The Culture Lag”)
  • Being “tricked” into taking on debt with the promise of “making money someday”
  • Why universities are scaling back teachers’ hours and therefore pay, to the detriment of the student’s experience

Plus so much more…

Lindsay is pretty incredible, and helps TONS of creatives and entrepreneurs become incredible teachers with her program Build A Better Beta. If you’re curious and want to learn more about how she can help YOU with your course, you can follow Lindsay on ALL the socials (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) at @Lindsaympadilla!

Yeah… this is one WOKE AF episode, and I’m SO excited to hear what it shakes up for you!

Please share your AHAs in a review here or post them on Instagram and tag me at @jamielynnjensen. I’m so curious to hear!

Create like you mean it,